Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Happy Dance!

I actually can not describe my excitement at the moment. I am waiting anxiously for this weekend to arrive, because for me that will mean only one thing: Design Indaba. Whoohoo!!

And this year I am tackling it with a plan. I've realised one needs a plan. Last year I was just overwhelmed, and therefore did not take in half of what was going on around me. You see, last year it was a spontaneous decision to go. I knew the Indaba was happening, I knew it was crammed full of great designers, ja ja ja. But I was not really planning to go. Then I did. And I loved it. No, I LOVED it!

So this year, although I am not one of those lucky few that get to attend the Design Indaba Conference (maybe next year? *fingers crossed*) I will be attending the Expo and, for some added good measure, the film festival.

Now this is what this post is actually about: the film festival.

It runs at the Labia Theatre in town until the 4th of March. You can get the full program on the Design Indaba website, but it's a little tricky to get your pick just right. The programs are set up with one feature length and a couple of shorts.

These are my picks:

Friday 26 February, Programme 2

Charles and Ray Eames: Design Q&A - "This 1972 interview with Ray and Charles Eames is one of the most concise, witty statements about design ever put on film" 5 minutes.

Objectified - "Directed by Gary Hustwit, Objectified is a feature-length documentary about our complex relationship with manufactured objects and , by extension, the people who design them. It's a look at the creativity at work behind everything from toothbrushes to tech gadgets" 75 minutes

Saturday, 27 February, Programme 1

Eames Demetrios: Ping Pong -"About Frank Gehry designing a chair, this film is a beautiful expression of the iterative process of design. The remarkable architect shows us how prototype after prototype leads to a deeper understanding of materials." 15 minutes

Eames Demetrios: 670/671 - "Few chairs are as iconic as Charles and Ray Eames Lounge Chair. Learn about the ideas behind the classic - such as Eames philosophy of the guest-host relationship" 8 minutes

Eames Demetrios: Eames Aluminium Group - "The Eames Aluminum Group is an icon of contemporary design and expresses the elegant Eames philosophy of Way-It-Should-Be-Ness, a belief both radical and humble" 9 minutes

Eames Demetriois: 77 steps - "The process of making the classic aluminum Navy Chair by Emeco. Sheets of aluminum become a single piece of light, comfortable metal" 3 minutes

Eames Demetrios: 901: After 45 years of working -"This short film is a powerful record of Ray and Charles Eames famed design space at 901 Washington Blvd in Venice, California" 28 minutes

Charles and Ray Eames: Lounge Chair: "A short film made in 1956 showing the assembly of the iconic Lounge Chair at speed." 2 minutes

Charles and Ray Eames: Sofa Compact: "Made in 1954, this film charmingly traces the design and development of the fold-up Soda Compact." 10 minutes

Director Q&A: Eames Demetrios

There are loads more films, but I think I will start with these on the weekend! If you are going to the Design Indaba, enjoy it and soak up all the creative energy!

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