Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Wall art

I have been researching wall art for our new offices, hoping to inject some life onto very large, very sparse walls. I was amazed to find that there are so many companies in South Africa that sell wall stickers, and good ones too!

Now these images are proof that wall stickers don't need to be kitch! I am dying to order one for my bedroom, will show you when it's up!

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All images via www.ginandchocolate.com

Friday, 15 January 2010

Happy Weekend

Just a pretty little picture to see you on your way. Have a lovely weekend everyone!
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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Vir my boetie en sy verloofde

The writing is on the wall (or on the sun lounger)

I have a strange obsession with words. More to the point, writing on walls. I think if I had free reign, I would cover my walls in poems, songs, thoughts, whatever I could.

But I do not have free reign (and let's be honest, I do get bored of having to look at the same thing everyday very quickly), so these canvasses provide me with the perfect solution!

How's this for a perfect lounger?
"I love you much most beautiful darling". Now who wouldn't want those words uttered to them?
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ps. I have an unmentionable amounts of images on my computer. Whenever I see something I like, I file it under my 'inspirasie' folder. So if anyone sees something that is theirs, and I have not linked back to you or mentioned you, it's really only because I suck at admin and referencing images. Mail me and I will add the link immediately! Promise.

A new Year, a new you?

It has been months since my last blog (tsk, tsk). The last bit of 2009 was a chaotic rush to the end, but now that we are in a new year, I am committed to taking things a little more... slowly....

I have realised how easily we rush past moments in our lives, and before we know it it's all gone.

So, here's to stopping to smell the roses in 2010! I have many wonderful, beautiful things to share with you this year!

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