Wednesday, 17 June 2009


...want to get into my car and hit the road. Nowhere specific.

(I'm obviously just jealous of 2 great friends who are doing a road trip around Australia in a little van)

One day.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Li Edelkoort (whom I've mentioned before) has predicted that layering will be one of the trends to watch out for. A blurring of boundaries, sheer fabrics layered over one another. It reminded me of this gorgeous invite I received last year. The silhouette of the couple, watermarks, lace pattern, it's all beautifully intertwined and layered to create one of the most amazingly romantic images!

It's Winter

I love this elegant alternative to a crackling fire, especially considering I have no fireplace!The mirror behind the candles doubles the affect, making it OK to use less candles :)
x amanda

Thursday, 4 June 2009

It's like that

Vandag voel ek so. Asof ek iets ontdek het wat ek lankal al van vergeet het. Dis fantasties.

Today I feel like that. Like I've found something that I even forgot I had. It's fantastic.

x amanda :)

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Ek is gek oor blomme. Dit verander enige vertrek, enige geleentheid in iets spesiaal. Hierdie foto is net briljant, ek dink ek is verlief met alles in hierdie foto. Die ou eetkamer tafel, wat al vele kuiers en familie etes beleef het en sekerlik baie stories gehoor het. Die sonlig wat so liefs in die kamer inspoel. En dit wys jou net, jy hoef nie bosse blomme te hê om 'n indruk te skep nie. Net hier en daar 'n blom in 'n mooi (of net skoon interesant!) houer, en jou hele dag kry sommer 'n glimlag.

toe, gaan pluk 'n blom of steel een van die restaurant se tafel af.
x amanda


Of soos die Vodacom ad sê: "Are you 'free' or are you 'dom'?"
Vandag is ek Free.

x amanda

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


What a grand idea for a small entrance hall! It's a little sassy, a little tongue-in-cheek and very cool! I'm dying to do this in my flat.

Easy tea light holder

This beautiful tea light (or bigger candle) holder is so simple to make! And just imagine how divine a cluster of these would look!
Step 1: You need any big glass bottle. You can use your old jam or mayo bottles, any size will do. I reckon you'll end up doing a whole lot of different ones!
Step 2: Paint the outside of the bottle with any Polvin type paint, pick a colour. Craft paint will also work, just be sure that the paint is not applied too thick.
Step 3: Now decide on a pattern or design, and scratch it out using the sharp end of a wooden skewer or even a toothpick. Voila!
I think I'll be trying to do this this weekend!
x amanda


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