Thursday, 26 August 2010

Hang your hat

I'm an absolute sucker for Design Classics. Eames, Jacobsen, Le Corbusier: I want to own it all.

This coat / hat rack is from the design duo of Charles and Ray Eames. Who said coat racks need to be boring!

And at a little over R1000 for the original, this is everyone's opportunity to own a piece of design history.

Available from All Office.

Monday, 23 August 2010

I love...

..Peonies in plain, simple glass containers. Vases, milk bottles, empty jars....anything really.
It might have to do with the fact that I have never ever seen Peonies for sale in South Africa, or am I just shopping at the wrong places?
I love the softer than candy floss quality these blooms have. And the light pink ones are my favourite.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

This is how I feel right now

I can't remember where I found this, but today, of all days, this is how I feel. It's been a little crazy here in the office (and at home) so I've been more absent from here than I would have liked, but I'm hoping after today things settle down a little more.

I have so many pretty things to share with you!

Sunday, 15 August 2010


That's the number of Post-It notes that were used to create this temporary installation at Grand Central station in New York.

The installation forms part of the Post-It notes celebration of it's 30th birthday.

I somehow don't think the random Post-It's I have stuck up on my computer screen at the office qualify as art...

Friday, 13 August 2010

Have a blooming good weekend!

This utterly gorgeous chair, from Weylandts nogal, is sure to make anyone wish Spring was here already!

This was the winner of the "Coup de Coeur" award in Maison et Objet Paris last year, and I can see why. Designed by Kenneth Cobonpue, who is responsible for most of the better Weylandts pieces. (Also love his Voyage bed for little babies)

Hope you have a blooming good weekend everyone!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

I love...

...pretty paperweights.

Like these from Pezula. I've developed a penchant for all things that look like they've been torn out of a science book - not that I ever really liked science at school.

I heard my Haldane Martin pieces are being delivered tomorrow morning - can't wait!

x a

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Happy Happy day!

I am now the *super* proud owner of not one, but two lovely pieces by wickedly wonderful Cape Town designer Haldane Martin. I'm quite giddy with happiness! (Remember I blogged about his home here)

I won't be going out much this month, nor will I eat out, buy flowers, indulge in Woolies goodness, see a movie, have the car washed or do anything that is not within my budget (the same budget that now needs to be revised in order to accommodate this purchase). Hey, good design never came cheap...

As soon as the lovely pieces of furniture are delivered to moi, I will post a pic.

So, going to buy the 2 pieces also made it my first visit to Haldane's impressive studio in Woodstock. It's a converted church (can't you see?). It made me want to live in such a building, with high ceilings, big windows, lovely arches and stuff. With a long, old table with some of his pink Riempie chairs (also by Mr Martin) around it. Perfect for candle lit dinners and entertaining friends.

All in good time....all in good time...

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Cool, Not so Cool

Cool: having a soul-reviving long weekend up the West Coast.

Not So Cool: having to come back to work this Tuesday morning.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Enough said..

Happy Women's Day for Monday everyone!

The fiance and I are off to Paternoster for the weekend. Even though I see the weather is going to be pretty bad (awful actually), I'm happy. It gives me the opportunity to catch up on some reading and more importantly: sleep.

Have a happy, wonderful, fun filled long weekend!

x a

If you have not seen this ad, where have you been?

I want to eat Chicken Lickin JUST because of their ads!

Colour me pretty

I love colour charts. I like walking into Builder's Warehouse and staring at the wall of colour charts.

I especially love new colour charts. And Plascon's colour forecast for 2011 is out, and it's made me a very happy person.

Don't know if you remember the Plascon Colour magazine? Well, is had a reincarnation into the new Spaces magazine. This is second issue, and it's filled with inspirational pages, easy decor ideas and loads of colour options.

The 2011 forecast is inspired by Love. Gotta *love* that.

"In this year's palette, the romance of the past, coloured in soft nostalgic pastels, is a grounding element but at the same time we experiment with colours and textures, creating something new and sophisticated. We look to our environment for inspiration, drawing its rich verdant and earthy tones into our homes and lives, but we also embrace the bright colours and dynamic culture of our cities. This is a love of the past and the future, nature and city."

There are 4 pallets, with my favourites being Future Passion and Romance Rekindled (pictured above). Then there is also Vibrant Possibility and Eco-sustenance.

If you are at all thinking of painting, decorating or simply need some inspiration (who doesn't) then you really should spend the 15 ront on this one.

Be inspired people!

x a

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Interesting Print

This print from The Brick Lane's shop en Etsy features a beautiful little bird (love the colours) printed on an original 1878 Bible Dictionary page. I love the idea of using old (in that case, very old) items and creating something new and useful.  I also like this butterfly...


Maybe I should grab my old,  fat, green HAT (Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal)  and see what I can conjure up...

 x a

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Easy decor

I posted not too long ago about the art of Origami and folding paper cranes here.  I have made about a dozen paper cranes so far, and love having them on mass! I use scrap booking paper, which is quite a bit thicker than normal paper. So it does take a little longer, is a little more tricky, but so worth it!

These pictures just go to show that with a little imagination and patience, interiors can look glam on a budget!

Happy folding!

x a

Monday, 2 August 2010

Best thing since...

...the last sale. Whenever the Exclusive Books sales comes around, I tend to place restrictions on myself. Something like this:
1. I will buy only 2 books
2. I will go only once
3. I will go to only one branch

I'm kind of following the mentality of  "it's meant to be" if I'm there, in that one store, on that once occasion, and I find the book that I love. I shouldn't go hunting for things.

Yeah right. 

I was in my home town of Port Elizabeth on the weekend, and just stumbled onto the sale. I left with 4 books, and I'm already planning my route home to include Cavendish which will enable me to pop downstairs and see what's on offer. (Never mind that Cavendish that is about another 6km's in the opposite direction of where I live)

I might just have my car washed at the Waterfront too...

Happy book shopping and happy reading!

x a


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