Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Moving Day

You know all those images of happy couples moving into their new home? Boxes all around, happy faces, clean surroundings and a pot of colourful paint about to go on the walls.... Yes, like this one:

Well, that's not us.

We're moving today, and I can now, for the first time, totally comprehend why they always say moving is so stressful.

So  much has gone wrong over the last couple of weeks, I could keep you here for an hour relaying all my stories. But I won't. Because right now I'm just focused on getting out of the old place, and into the new!

By the way - everyone has  been telling me "Throw away!" and "Clear the clutter!" but do you know how difficult that is? The big, and the important, and the obvious, stuff are all in boxes. There are boxes stacked in the garage, along the passage, in the bath - all over! I suddenly feel very overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have!

There are some things though, that I just can not part with. Like the cards from my mom, little notes from long lost friends. Even if it's only to be looked at again with the next move - I'll hang on to it all, thank you very much.

Wish me luck!


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