Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Happening in Cape Town: Woodlands Eatery

The neighbourhood of Vredehoek has always intrigued me. It's close to town, against the mountain, beautiful historic architecture, views that stretch for miles, a real sense of community: what more do you need? Well, there is the problem of the wind, but that can be dealt with.

A couple of weeks ago a dear friend and I were looking for a place to hide out from her father-in-law (a funny story actually). We ambled up, driving further and further up the mountain. Just when you think all you are going to encounter are more old homes and buildings, you find this gem. Woodlands Eatery.

I've been back probably 5 times. For lunch, for take-aways, for drinks. Last night was the first time that my guy and I had a proper meal there. It was so good, I forgot to take pics of the food!

We shared a pharma ham, rocket, Gorgonzola cheese, tomato and balsamic reduction pizza (heaven!!) and a beetroot, butternut and feta salad.

The decor is comfy and quirky, without being pretentious (as so many eateries are). Faded floral fabrics ( I spent 5 minutes explaining to M that yes, you can buy fabrics brand new that look like they've been dug up from the attic of a long lost relative), reclaimed timber, 'kombuis' stoele (as I call them) and loads of charm. Oh - bonus - the staff are super friendly! That always helps.

All in all - a prefect place to unwind, meet up with friends and enjoy seriously good food.

Image 1-3: Eat Out

Image 4: I want that

Monday, 29 August 2011

Happening in Cape Town: Zapiro Exhibition

Whenever my mom comes to visit, we both have a loooooooong list of things to tackle. Shops, markets, exhibitions, coffee shops... you know, things to buy and places to see.

But we never complete the lists. For the most part, we lose our lists or forget about 'THE' place we had to go to (or just can't find it, like the time we spend 30 minutes looking for the Stellenbosch Slow Market).

But the one thing we both had on our respective lists, and remembered, and found, was the exhibition at the South Africa Jewish Museum. Zapiro and Madiba. What a combo :)

With over 130 of Jonathan Shapiro’s cartoons on display, Zapiro: Jiving with Madiba traces the life of Nelson Mandela from Prisoner to President to Pensioner. “This exhibition is truly an inspiring romp through the first two decades of the New South Africa, as serialised in our media, by our greatest cartoonist, Jonathan Shapiro” says Andrew Goldman, the Jewish Museum’s Director. “It is not possible to leave untouched by the contributions of Mandela and Shapiro, endowed with very different talents and yet both hugely influential in the shaping of the New South Africa.”

The exhibition is open now until November, admission is R15 for adults, kids free.

Well worth the visit. Plus - Zapiro teaches you how to draw the iconic Madiba! I must admit, after 2 tries I didn't quite nail it, but practice makes perfect, right?

For more info click HERE.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Friday Wish

I find myself wishing on a Friday. Not that one should always wish for things, rather dream. Then do it.

But, there are days like today when it's rainy and gloomy and I wish that I could float away to a place where there are no tax returns to be filled in, deadlines to be met and bills to be paid.

Just today.

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Spring...almost, but not yet

After living in Cape Town for just about 5 years, I've become used to the fact that Spring arrives a little later here than in the rest of South Africa. Since yesterday I've been hearing 'Spring is here! Pack away the boots!" from people in Johannesburg, or especially Durban (do they ever have real winter?).

But, alas, Cape Town is still chilly. And the rainy season has just started. I'm sitting here, boots and all, next to my little heater and wishing some magical fairy would bring me a cup of really good coffee. Or hot chocolate, I'm not fussy.

At least the sun is shining today, so I can dream of warmer days, flowers blooming and the creepers against UCT's wall going green again.

ps. I am really bad at saving the references for all the pretty pictures I find on the net. Can anyone give me tips on how to do it?

Monday, 22 August 2011


It's the beginning of something wild for me.... :)
Soon all will be revealed, but in the mean time I'm ironing out the bugs and getting the admin sorted. (Why always so much admin?)

Can't wait to share with you all!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Gem of a town

The road to Riebeeck-Kasteel dips and rises, winds around the mountains and then when you come around the last bend - the town lies peacefully in the valley. Loads of pretty houses, tiny little tree lined roads and the glamorous old-world Royal Hotel all add to the charm of this town about 40minutes outside of the Mother City.

The first time I entered this town, it was actually me getting lost on the way to Tulbagh. It was the middle of the night, so we literally just passed through after some help from the locals.

There are loads of little eateries to choose from, as well as quaint shops to buy anything from scatter cushions to embroidered napkins, dresses to garden accessories.

Two weeks ago we headed north once again and found the town bustling on a Saturday morning. Parking was actually hard to come by!

Across from the Royal Hotel there is a little gem - a row of buildings with restaurants, shops and even a brewery. At the back of these buildings you'll find Bar Bar Black Sheep. We sat down for brunch and immediately ordered coffees to ward off the cold.

I do believe that any restaurant, coffee shop, bar or deli can (and should) be judged on their coffee. The speed at which it comes to the table, temperature (why oh why do some people serve tepid coffee?) and taste. Maybe it was the cold and hunger, but at least I was not disappointed.

Then their was the grub. It was difficult to choose, because everything on the menu sounded yum! I settled on the French toast, served with bacon, strawberries and pomegranate pips. Oh - let me not forget the green figs and cheese inside the french loaf! Plus syrup of course.

I woke up the next morning dreaming about that plate of food - no jokes.

Riebeeck-Kasteel is the perfect destination for a day trip from Cape Town. You'll love the ride there, and there is loads to discover in the town.

Around this time of year I always need a break. It's going into that final stretch towards December, when work gets more and more unbearable. There are no more long weekends to look forward to, so you really need to make the most of those 2 days every week. So, get in your car on a Sunday morning and just head out of town. I don't know if it's the fresh air or the charming surrounds - but it sure does work to make Monday morning more bearable!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Great online mags

I love online magazines. Number one, they are free. Pasella. Verniet. Mahala. Which, if you are anything like me and buy all the good decor mags and the occasional girly glossy, this is a very welcome change!

Number 2: these are international mags. So you really get to see what is trending in the US or Europe or Australia. Sure, Wallpaper and all the other international glossies are available at the local CNA or Exclusive Books, but do I really want to spend R150 on a mag? No thanks.

Number 3: You can click on whatever you like, and chances are you are linked directly to the site of said cushion / fabric / orange squeezer.

What's not to love?

My faves are Lonny and Adore - both with new editions out now. I've just started on Lonny, so don't know what's in there yet. But Adore is just adorable! Bright colours, beautiful homes...just a pity all the lovely goodies I want to buy are in Australia. Or is that maybe a good thing? ;)

Enjoy the online reading!


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