Thursday, 28 May 2009

Introduction to Strijdom van der Merwe

I can't remember how and when I first came to know of Strijdom van der Merwe, but I have been a devotee ever since.

Strijdom is a lanscape artist, using what ever he finds on site to create his art. He manipulates the local surroundings, bringing order into something so completely natural.

Becuase of the nature of his work, it is temporary. Fleeting. He captures it on photographs and that is all that remains.

All images

I will be sharing much more of this great artist's work!

x amanda

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Sonja Wrethman has become one of my favourite photographers to watch. I'm coincidentally great friends with her sister (who is extremely bad with communication and thus I have not heard from dear Little Liedle in a long time, but I believe she still lives in Knysna).

I know I will be sharing many of her great photographs with you, but to start of with here are 3 of my favourites from her book "Bullethole Sunrise".

"Dancing shoes"

"The washing"

"Market square"

In her book Sonja explores the idea that people perceive things differently, also images. And even ourselves, we perceive a memory diffrently today then what we did a year ago. Memories become blurred, an overlapping of images and thoughts in our mind. Every page is beautiful.

All images courtesy Sonja Wrethman Photography

Monday, 25 May 2009

Blou Maandag

'Swaai-skoppelmaai' deur Jacolene De Haan

Dit was 'n baie, baie lang blou Maandag... ek gaan nou huis toe en gaan vir my 'n glasie rooi skink. Kan nie wag nie.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Design Indaba - overview

The Design Indaba (held in March this year) always goes along with huge fanfare, with everyone excited and waiting for the weekend of the show. And if you couldn't get a ticket to the Li Edelkoort talk {tickets were sold out loooooong before} you turn instantly green when someone rubs your nose in it when they did in fact get the chance to hear the lady share her wisdom. {It's one of my life goals to go to one of her trend talks}

Stoned Cherrie
Known for her afro-fashion over the past couple of years, the gorgeous Nkhensani launched her fabric range at the Design Indaba. I fell in love with the broad stripes, especially the chartreuse colour way (seen on the 2 chairs).
Design Team
I've always loved Design Team's range of fabrics, since seeing it at an expo in Johannesburg about 6 years ago. They've been able to do a range of fabrics showcasing local content, fauna and flora, icons and just damn great design without being kitsch. Bloody marvelous.

Design of the year
I have no recollection of who the designer's was or what the purpose of this combo was, but it was most definitely one of the "best design" finalists. The chair and table look like it has grown out of moss, in a forest - it takes me back to fairies and cupcakes! I get the feeling that if you water it, it will get bigger.

Whimsical stand
Again, I've got bad recollection of who was responsible for this stand, but it was out one of the best on show. Orchids hanging out of silver cocoon-like 'vases', these were simply amazing. The wooden 'latte', painted white, meticulously put together to form a canopy.

I wish I could take the whole thing home!
x amanda

First Blog

There's always a first for everything! Never thought I'd join the blogging world...

I feel obliged to tell you more about myself, but that will come in time.

You remember primary school, the first day. You've got all your stationary, and the most coveted is the 24 pack of Colleen colour pencils! All of them sharp, perfectly long length and in order! I loved it.

To this day I love sharp pencils. I have a 'bouquet' on top of my bookcase. Actually just a bunch of colour pencils, never been used, sitting in a little ceramic pot. It inspires me, I think of the possibilities! New ideas, sketches, drawings, shopping lists....

So to start my blogging days, just a little line drawing of some iconic buildings in my favourite area in my favourite home town... (not Cape Town for those who don't know!)

Die Afrikaans sal ook kom, belowe ;)

x amanda


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