Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas wreath

I was one of the unlucky (not so) few that headed to the shops on Christmas Eve. I was at Woolies just after 9, and quite surprised that I only had to wait 5 minutes for parking!

I love shopping this time of year- lots of smiles, pretty much everyone is in a good mood and there is tangible excitement in the air!

Pick n Pay sold fresh pine branches - such a great idea! I grabbed 2 bunches (a steal at R30 each).

I think since most people nowadays either have the fake plastic trees or do something less traditional (like I do with my wire Baobab tree!) this is a novel idea to bring the great smell of pine trees into your home.

Plus, I even made a Christmas wreath! Although fair warning: it hurts! Those needles are pretty sharp!

I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas! Good luck with the gammon glaze, remember to check the oven for any last dishes ( my Mom and I forgot something in the oven almost every year) and indulge in a second (or third) helping of trifle!

Merry Christmas!!

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Last minute gift idea

These gorgeous soaps from Woolies make for a great stocking filler. I am in love with the pretty designs and colours, could just pile them on the vanity and look at them instead of actually using the soap!

Available in different scents and only R35 each.

Happy last minute shopping!

Festive spirit

It's taken me a little longer this year, but I am finally in the Christmas spirit !

Monday, 5 December 2011

Cuban flair

A few Sundays ago, after a weekend of being a total sloth and barely venturing outside the front door, I decided that we needed some fresh air, and a cocktail. So we did.

We headed out to one of my favourite spots south of the mountain - Kalk Bay.  After a bit of walking about, munching on breads and pastries from Olympia Bakery, we headed to Cape To Cuba. 

Whenever I go there, I end up staring at the walls and ceilings and floors and not talking to whoever I'm with, at all!

 I'd love the back pendant, well 2 of them actually, to hang over my kitchen island - one day.

Mosaic detail - table tops. So much better than a standard 60 x 60 stock table top, don't you think?

Sure, we tend to take in the vibe and the whole picture, but next time focus a bit on the details, the finishes. Pretty damn amazing!


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