Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Time Flies....(and so does my property)

I realised with a shock that it has been almost a month since my last post. Sorry!

Things have been a little crazy (I say that a lot). We had not one, but two, break-ins at our offices some time ago. Off all the things they got away with, the most horrific discovery was walking in and seeing an empty desk. My empty desk. Where a big computer and flat screen used to sit and wait for me, every day. With over 4 years worth of work, for 2 businesses. Countless clients, countless projects and campaigns....all gone.

It's been a nightmare trying to get back on track. But luckily, living in South Africa, everyone can relate. I've had to phone client's and say "You know the last quote I sent to you? Yes, the one you OK'd? Can you please email it back to me!!"

People have been telling me that I've handled the whole situation remarkable well. (They don't know that I go home at night and cry for an hour just at the thought of all the work waiting to be done). My motto through all this mess has been "It doesn't help freaking out, just get on with it."

When I saw this poster design, I had to giggle.....

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