Monday, 28 February 2011

Indaba Overload

Saturday turned out way better than expected! Gotta say, last year's Indaba was a total let down. It was cramped, and it felt a bit "same old, same old". But WOW. 2011 was a phenomenal year. All the up and coming designer's really gave the established ones a run for their money: Intuitive, great eco design, exciting use of materials and just all round beautiful things.

I prepared myself for a 2 to 3 hour stint at the expo, but I only left way past 6pm (and I arrived at 11am!). OK, it did include a leisurely lunch with plenty of chatting and a cider or 2... I bumped into Elzette - who has a *very* exciting venture that she will be launching soon. For now, let's just say that the frustrated creatives in Cape Town will have a haven to escape to and a place to nurture their creativity. I can't wait!

But, back to the Indaba. I bumped into Elzette and we walked the Expo together, which was great fun. We both had such a creative overload, and we by late afternoon were on such a high. (It could also be the 20 Fizzers we had courtesy of the Visi stand).

In the next couple of days I will share my highlights from Expo with you, it's bound to make you go gagga ;)

Were you at the Expo? What did you think?

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