Friday, 25 February 2011

Design Indaba Expo / 5 things for the weekend

Eek! It's here! The conference has been happening all week, and finally it's Friday and the Expo opens it's doors!

"Design Indaba Expo is a 100% local-is-lekker celebration of South African ingrained creativity. Advertising, architecture, craft, decor, film, graphic design, interior design, jewellery, new media, publishing, product design and visual media, are all presented shoulder-to-shoulder."

If you are in Cape Town, head town to the CTICC this weekend. The Expo runs from today (Friday) until Sunday, tickets at the door are only 60 Rond ;)

I hope to tell you all about it after the weekend - it's sure to be a kicker!

(Can you tell I'm excited?)

On another note, it's time I start organising my life (and apartment) again, so here goes with my list of 5 things I want to do this weekend:

  1. Visit and enjoy and be inspired by the Design Indaba Expo

  2. Finish the twig chandelier for my brother's wedding (will post pics after it's done!)

  3. Finish the New York vintage subway sign I started painting last weekend

  4. Start a new painting - I've been inspired by so any great pieces I saw online this week

  5. Really enjoy Sunday. We are going to the wine lands for a wine tasting and lunch. I want to take it easy and enjoy - too often I rush through Sunday just to wake up on Monday morning ;)

What have you planned for the weekend?

Hope it's a good one!

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