Monday, 2 August 2010

Best thing since...

...the last sale. Whenever the Exclusive Books sales comes around, I tend to place restrictions on myself. Something like this:
1. I will buy only 2 books
2. I will go only once
3. I will go to only one branch

I'm kind of following the mentality of  "it's meant to be" if I'm there, in that one store, on that once occasion, and I find the book that I love. I shouldn't go hunting for things.

Yeah right. 

I was in my home town of Port Elizabeth on the weekend, and just stumbled onto the sale. I left with 4 books, and I'm already planning my route home to include Cavendish which will enable me to pop downstairs and see what's on offer. (Never mind that Cavendish that is about another 6km's in the opposite direction of where I live)

I might just have my car washed at the Waterfront too...

Happy book shopping and happy reading!

x a


Bobby said...

I must go check this out. See you're reading Ninteen Minutes. Great book!

Amanda said...

Finished it a little while ago - loved it! I've not read many of Picoult's books, will have to catch up :)

Anonymous said...



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