Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Happy Happy day!

I am now the *super* proud owner of not one, but two lovely pieces by wickedly wonderful Cape Town designer Haldane Martin. I'm quite giddy with happiness! (Remember I blogged about his home here)

I won't be going out much this month, nor will I eat out, buy flowers, indulge in Woolies goodness, see a movie, have the car washed or do anything that is not within my budget (the same budget that now needs to be revised in order to accommodate this purchase). Hey, good design never came cheap...

As soon as the lovely pieces of furniture are delivered to moi, I will post a pic.

So, going to buy the 2 pieces also made it my first visit to Haldane's impressive studio in Woodstock. It's a converted church (can't you see?). It made me want to live in such a building, with high ceilings, big windows, lovely arches and stuff. With a long, old table with some of his pink Riempie chairs (also by Mr Martin) around it. Perfect for candle lit dinners and entertaining friends.

All in good time....all in good time...

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