Friday, 6 August 2010

Colour me pretty

I love colour charts. I like walking into Builder's Warehouse and staring at the wall of colour charts.

I especially love new colour charts. And Plascon's colour forecast for 2011 is out, and it's made me a very happy person.

Don't know if you remember the Plascon Colour magazine? Well, is had a reincarnation into the new Spaces magazine. This is second issue, and it's filled with inspirational pages, easy decor ideas and loads of colour options.

The 2011 forecast is inspired by Love. Gotta *love* that.

"In this year's palette, the romance of the past, coloured in soft nostalgic pastels, is a grounding element but at the same time we experiment with colours and textures, creating something new and sophisticated. We look to our environment for inspiration, drawing its rich verdant and earthy tones into our homes and lives, but we also embrace the bright colours and dynamic culture of our cities. This is a love of the past and the future, nature and city."

There are 4 pallets, with my favourites being Future Passion and Romance Rekindled (pictured above). Then there is also Vibrant Possibility and Eco-sustenance.

If you are at all thinking of painting, decorating or simply need some inspiration (who doesn't) then you really should spend the 15 ront on this one.

Be inspired people!

x a

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