Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Cape Town is having a rainy day...

...so I'm heading off home to make a big pot of soup!
During winter, I normally make about 4 big pots of 'boere sop', you know the kind. Meat, carrots, potato, tomato, onion, beans, anything you can find in the cupboard really, plus the crucial '4-in-1 soup mix'. The pot lasts for days, and I always end up freezing an ice cream container or 2 for later on.

But tonight I feel like creamy hot steaming delicious butternut soup. I think everyone loves butternut soup, and everyone has their own recipe. I don't really have a recipe, as with most things I make in the kitchen it really is hit or miss! My butternut soup though always starts with a chopped onion, butternut and potato chunks. I chuck it all in the pot, add a little butter and let the veggies 'sweat' a little. Oh, and at this point I sometimes remember to add some curry powder, some cinnamon and a little ginger. And sometimes I forget.....

Then I add about 1,5 litres chicken or vegetable stock and let it all party in the pot until the butternut is soft and squishy. Then I get out the blender stick thingy and whizz it all smooth (I hate chunky soup). Oh, I scoop out most of the stock. Then after all the butternut, onion and potato is pureed, I add the stock back bit by bit so that I can control the thickness of the soup. If you want, now you can add cream, (yum - but not good if you're on a diet) or some low fat milk (my option).

An extra sprinkle of cinnamon is always good!

Tonight I might just try this recipe from Martha Stewart. She uses ginger, garlic, cloves and orange juice, an no potato. Either which way, I'll have soup!

Have a lovely rainy evening with lots of bowls of soup and fresh bread and cosy duvets and hot water bottles and lots of cuddles!

x a

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