Monday, 17 May 2010

How many shoes are 'enough'?

M keeps on asking me this question, or many like it. Like "How many bags do you really need?" He's answer is 2: a black one and a brown one. Huh?

And then whenever I go shoe shopping (and drag him behind me) I get "How many more shoes do you need?" Love, it's never been a question about need.

Well, I do believe I need the black leather boots I am wearing now. It's winter, I live in Cape Town and I hate getting wet around my ankles. But I suppose I didn't have to pay almost R1000 for these lovelies, but that is where 'want' steps in.

Remember those utterly gorgeous blue wedge lovelies I blogged about a while ago? Well, I thought they were not meant to be for me when I missioned into Woolies and they were all sold out. Not even the size 4's were left. (And I think I might have tried to squeeze my feet into them if there were)

But. Yes. Then I walked into the Waterfront branch yesterday on my mission to find black boots (why do all the stores have ugly boots? They are either full of fake fur, biker buckles and zips, or so damn high I would never live longer than 1 hour in them), I turned the corner and there they were. IN MY SIZE!!! Not on sale, as I had hoped for 5 seconds later after seeing them, but they were there. And they are beautiful and comfy (bonus!) and they have a little blue satin bow on the front and I just love them.

I feel a little guilty after buying 3 pairs of shoes yesterday (I found the perfect black leather boots, by blue lovelies and a cute pair of silver pumps), but my buying frenzy does not compare to this girl. Go read her note on how she stumbled upon this collection of vintage shoes at an estate sale. Every girl's dream!

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