Friday, 28 May 2010

Best of the catalogues

I love retail therapy. And I love buying things for my home. My teeny apartment that is now overflowing with 'stuff'.

Right now I'm on the lookout for a new sofa. I've kinda set my mind on a corner unit in dark grey, but because the dark grey is such a leap for me, I'm postponing the purchase every month! But I think this weekend will be the deadline. I've already painted the walls, got new curtains up, so really, no more excuses.

I always get a teeny bit giddy when retailers bring out new home ware catalogues. It gives me time to shop without the danger of actually having (or being seduced into) spending money.

My favourite chain stores for home ware are Woolies, @home and Mr Price. In the last say 5 years these stores really have upped the anty and actually sell good design. @home stocks design classic knock-offs at good prices (let's not start that debate) and Mr Price is great for bargain finds. Woolies just have the best towels at the nicest price (their bale packs) and always have great glasses and crockery.

Below are some of my faves from the current catalogues.

@home, ceramic flower votive holder R39 (love the purple and green combo!)

@home, in love with this pic with the grey purple wall, lots of white, timber floors. Gotta say the couch sucks. The cushions are from @home, felt cushions from R129. Oh, and the aluminium bokkie it R590 - I want!

It surprises me that @home have quite a good range of posters and artwork. I always expect chain stores to have the same old framed landscape in water colours. But @home have some darn good posters. I bought myself a green "Keep Calm and Carry On" (which by the way has quite a history - will tell you about it). And they really are not badly priced.

Woolies, R 25. A steal at that price.

Woolies, R599. Again, I want. The perfect secy desk lamp!
I feel like hitting the shops this weekend (hey, it was payday!) and buying that sofa. Will let you know how it turns out!
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