Thursday, 29 April 2010

Shopping find

A client asked me the other day where could she find a beautiful glass desk? Now @home have a Eames knock-off, very simple and totally elegant. Then Weylandts also have one, but theirs is a glass top on a trestle leg on the one side and a little drawer unit on the other side. Also quite beautiful, but a little lop sided if you ask me, I like symmetry.

But then I found this this stunning piece of furniture at Block and Chisel. I am mad about the chrome legs (which are fully adjustable) and the way the chrome and glass just work so beautifully together.

Yes, glass desks are not the most practical of desks. But minor problems such as constant cleaning and storage for nick knacks can be resolved with a pack of glass cleaning wipes from Clicks and some clever storage boxes. The sheer elegance and beauty of this beautiful desk scores higher on the cards than practicality!

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