Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Chilli Poppers... Yum!

It was a Sunday morning and M and I, together with bestest friend Mia, set of to Rafiki's. She said we should try the chili poppers, 'dis die beste'. I was sceptical, as I don't like chilli's much.

But we had it, loved it, and ever since then (it's been more than 2 years) I have always ordered chili poppers if it was on the menu.

Today I stumbled on this blog entry. 2 girls setting of to find the best chili poppers in Cape Town. Of the 5 placed on their list, I've only had the chili poppers of 2 of these establishments. Have to agree - Neighbourhood in Long street have great chili poppers. The variety is fantastic!

On Sunday M and I popped into Cafe Sofia (Rondebosch) for a cuppa, and ended having the stuffed chilli's. Very good! It's got me thinking that chili poppers are a bit like scrambled eggs and bacon - you have to try really hard to stuff it up.
Do you have a favourite spot to go for the poppers? Let me know!


desi said...

I love chilli poppers, but haven't found a favourite place yet. you must try and make you own too!! yummm

I was at Café Sofia Kloof Street on Saturday morning for a lekker breakfast. Haven't tried their stuffed chillies...definately going to!!!! :)

Amanda said...

I don't know about making my own.... I might just succeed and then get horribly addicted!


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