Monday, 19 April 2010

Every girl has to own a tiara (even if it's plastic)

I've been working with a really super fantastic girl who really knows how to string sentences together (on a project I can only reveal a little later, so keep on coming back here). Her blog is a great find, and I'm realy happy to share it with you, so go and read Tiara - musings of a princess.

She shares everyday happenings and mishaps, including how she gave away her boss's rugby season tickets (Ouch girl!) and her thoughts on buying French cars (never a good idea).

Promise, you'll love it.

x a


Monique Boucher said...

Just discovered your blog and I'd love to follow it. How can I subscribe or follow? Hope you had a follower box soon.

Amanda said...

Sorry about that, I'll put up the box! Happy blog reading :)


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