Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Great online mags

I love online magazines. Number one, they are free. Pasella. Verniet. Mahala. Which, if you are anything like me and buy all the good decor mags and the occasional girly glossy, this is a very welcome change!

Number 2: these are international mags. So you really get to see what is trending in the US or Europe or Australia. Sure, Wallpaper and all the other international glossies are available at the local CNA or Exclusive Books, but do I really want to spend R150 on a mag? No thanks.

Number 3: You can click on whatever you like, and chances are you are linked directly to the site of said cushion / fabric / orange squeezer.

What's not to love?

My faves are Lonny and Adore - both with new editions out now. I've just started on Lonny, so don't know what's in there yet. But Adore is just adorable! Bright colours, beautiful homes...just a pity all the lovely goodies I want to buy are in Australia. Or is that maybe a good thing? ;)

Enjoy the online reading!

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