Sunday, 10 July 2011

Happy Sunday

Just to make you smile :)
Speaking of animals and pets.....

Sadly, Withnail passed away suddenly (my green budgie of 2 years). He is sadly missed.

Through a bit of luck and fortune, 2 weeks later I was given 2 baby budgies. The one was rescued, after flapping about a courtyard all afternoon. The second one was bought just to keep the saved one company.

I've been struggling for about 2 weeks now to give them names. Nothing suited.

Then, after a bit of Googling from my guy and joking around from me, we got it. Flapper. She's always flapping about and giving the little (slightly younger one) loads of flack. And then Hawk. He's tiny, so he needs a big name. It's time he stands up to Flapper, and I think with a name like Hawk, how can he not?

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