Monday, 29 August 2011

Happening in Cape Town: Zapiro Exhibition

Whenever my mom comes to visit, we both have a loooooooong list of things to tackle. Shops, markets, exhibitions, coffee shops... you know, things to buy and places to see.

But we never complete the lists. For the most part, we lose our lists or forget about 'THE' place we had to go to (or just can't find it, like the time we spend 30 minutes looking for the Stellenbosch Slow Market).

But the one thing we both had on our respective lists, and remembered, and found, was the exhibition at the South Africa Jewish Museum. Zapiro and Madiba. What a combo :)

With over 130 of Jonathan Shapiro’s cartoons on display, Zapiro: Jiving with Madiba traces the life of Nelson Mandela from Prisoner to President to Pensioner. “This exhibition is truly an inspiring romp through the first two decades of the New South Africa, as serialised in our media, by our greatest cartoonist, Jonathan Shapiro” says Andrew Goldman, the Jewish Museum’s Director. “It is not possible to leave untouched by the contributions of Mandela and Shapiro, endowed with very different talents and yet both hugely influential in the shaping of the New South Africa.”

The exhibition is open now until November, admission is R15 for adults, kids free.

Well worth the visit. Plus - Zapiro teaches you how to draw the iconic Madiba! I must admit, after 2 tries I didn't quite nail it, but practice makes perfect, right?

For more info click HERE.

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