Tuesday, 22 June 2010

House Rules

I remember one day in primary school we were asked to stand up and tell the class about the rules we have in our homes. I got up, and realised that we didn't have many rules. Sure, I asked if I could put the TV on, checked if it was OK that I have another glass of Coke, and we kinda had a bed time.

The other kids got up and recited long lists of rules such as:

"Wash your hands before dinner"

"In bed and lights off by 8"

"Put your dirty clothes in the basket everyday"

"Afternoon nap for 1 hour at 3 o'clock"

"Stay out of the kitchen" (Yes, this was someones house rule)

"Do your homework straight after school" and then the parents would check it (oh, I always forged my mom's signature when tests had to be signed..shhhhh)

...And so it went on. I realised that my parents let me and my brother be. If we didn't put the dirty clothes in the hamper in time for washing, we just didn't have clothes to wear. If we didn't put the dirty lunchbox in the sink we just wouldn't have lunch the next day. If we had to watch McGiver and go to bed at 10, we would just be really exhausted the next day.

So, we learned. Quickly.

On the other hand, I love this poster with it's 'Family Rules' from Etsy seller Harper Grace. It lists simple things like "Smile" and "Use kind words" that I think are way more important to remember than to be in bed by 8.

Have a look at her shop here.

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