Thursday, 3 June 2010

Colour for winter

I know winter is supposed to mean white, grey, muted tones etc. And I do like grey (a lot) at the moment and all variations of it (blue-grey, purple-grey), but right now my nails are painted in lumo orange and I love it. It makes me happy and makes me smile overtime I look down and see them!
I never spend on nail colour, probably because I end up only using about a third of it before I get bored and move on to the next colour. So these stunning colours from Charlie are a great buy at only R40 ront a pop. Right now I'm wearing the orange, but the pink is also divine.
(Oh, neat trick: mix your colours. I had deep dark purple on my nails the other day, then painted 1 coat of the pink - it really looked great).
I'm dying to try the turquoise, just worried it will make me look like I've got frostbite.

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