Monday, 5 December 2011

Cuban flair

A few Sundays ago, after a weekend of being a total sloth and barely venturing outside the front door, I decided that we needed some fresh air, and a cocktail. So we did.

We headed out to one of my favourite spots south of the mountain - Kalk Bay.  After a bit of walking about, munching on breads and pastries from Olympia Bakery, we headed to Cape To Cuba. 

Whenever I go there, I end up staring at the walls and ceilings and floors and not talking to whoever I'm with, at all!

 I'd love the back pendant, well 2 of them actually, to hang over my kitchen island - one day.

Mosaic detail - table tops. So much better than a standard 60 x 60 stock table top, don't you think?

Sure, we tend to take in the vibe and the whole picture, but next time focus a bit on the details, the finishes. Pretty damn amazing!

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