Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas wreath

I was one of the unlucky (not so) few that headed to the shops on Christmas Eve. I was at Woolies just after 9, and quite surprised that I only had to wait 5 minutes for parking!

I love shopping this time of year- lots of smiles, pretty much everyone is in a good mood and there is tangible excitement in the air!

Pick n Pay sold fresh pine branches - such a great idea! I grabbed 2 bunches (a steal at R30 each).

I think since most people nowadays either have the fake plastic trees or do something less traditional (like I do with my wire Baobab tree!) this is a novel idea to bring the great smell of pine trees into your home.

Plus, I even made a Christmas wreath! Although fair warning: it hurts! Those needles are pretty sharp!

I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas! Good luck with the gammon glaze, remember to check the oven for any last dishes ( my Mom and I forgot something in the oven almost every year) and indulge in a second (or third) helping of trifle!

Merry Christmas!!

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