Monday, 6 September 2010

Surprise Surprise

I was surprised by Boardmans this weekend - and in a good way! M and I hit the shops on Saturday in search of the prefect couch. Well, perfect within budget that is.

For weeks now I have frequented the same shops, hoping they have new stock or a sale. You see, the comfy couches I liked were way out of my budget, and the ones that were in my budget were just down right ugly. Or too small.

Then, on another mission to find dining chairs, I said "Let's just go and look at Boardmans". Not thinking for a minute I have any better luck. Ha! They had a bit of a revamp, wouldn't you know?

M and I fell in love with a certain grey couch the minute I lay on it, and even more so after I heard the price. Tada! I was sold! Or, the couch was. ;) It's being delivered today (so excited!) and finally it feels like my little flat is coming together. I've lived there for over 3 years, but never really put in any effort.

I've decided not to post any pics until the transformation is complete, I'm hoping to have it all done and dusted in the next month or so.

As the couch was quite a bit less than what I had expected to pay, I indulged and grabbed the Arco lamp. Designed by Achille Castiglioni (that's him in the pic with the Arco lamp) in 1962, I love how this piece has survived just about 50 years and is still used in stylish homes all over the world.

Now mine is obviously a knock off, and I know that's a huge debate amongst designers and architects; one which I'm not going to enter right now.

Castiglioni drew inspiration from street lamps when designing the Arco: a ceiling lamp that needed no connection to the ceiling. The lamp casts it's light about 2 meters from where the base is, making it ideal to illuminate dining tables without having to have a pendant hanging right over it.

I say: "Sia la luce!"

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