Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Guest Post: We love colour

I am so happy to share today's guest post with you. Susi is sharing her best tips for bringing colour into your life this summer.

Arcadian Lighting is a treasure trove of amazing light fittings - to suit all tastes. I am in love with so many pieces on their website - wish they shipped to sweet old SA! But for now, all of you in America need to appreciate what you have in terms of suppliers! :)

So, without any further babbling from me, be inspired by Susi and loads of colour to get you in the mood for summer!

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Hi, I'm Susi, a writer for the Arcadian Lighting, a great resource for lighting inspiration and. I'm very lucky I get to “travel” the world visiting amazing design blogs like Freshly Sharpened Pencils. With summer right around the corner in South Africa, everyone is craving color after a long, cold winter. Here are eight gorgeous pictures of colourful décor from hanging vases and lighting fixtures to textiles and art that we hope will inspire you. Enjoy!

Colorful Home Decor

Art is a beautiful way to introduce color into a room. Hang art in groups by similar color for a big impact.

Colorful Decor

Add color to a sofa, chair, or bed with pretty patterned cushions. Pillows are a favorite accessory to add color because they are so easy to switch out as the seasons change.

Colorful Decor Table Lamps

For a seasonal dash of color, look to the flowers of the season. Spring daffodils and peonies are beautiful in this bedroom and fit in with the bright yellow blanks and pillows on the bed.

Hanging Lanterns

Gloriously colorful indoor or outdoor lanterns could add just a pop or even a riot of color to any room. A few of these lanterns would certainly add a burst of color to a bedroom, or hanging several lanterns in the garden would be a magical touch on a warm evening.

Table Lamps Home Decor

White and other neutrals are great choices for walls and large upholstered furniture as they create the perfect background for big bold colors. Accent pillows and curtains in colorful patterns and solids stand out wonderfully against neutrals.

Colorful Decor

Color does not have to be the boldest and brightest to have a big impact. Sherbet or pastel colors can pack a punch, especially when grouped in contrasting pairs of colors like on these chairs.

Coloful Decor

Beautiful colored glass used in clever ways is a great way to add colour to any décor. We saw these hanging vases in Elle Decoration and were smitten.

Colorful Decor Table Lamps

Of course, in addition to colorful lamps, accessories and textiles, walls are the perfect place to add color to décor. Paint, wall paper or hang colourful fabric to add a zing of colour to the wall.

If these colorful rooms have you inspired, check out Arcadian Lighting's website for even more inspiration, not to mention a brilliant selection of light fixtures to choose from as well!  (Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

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Don't you love the lanterns? And I have to say, even after winter I'm not tired of yellow and grey combo's - looks great!

I always think people are afraid to use colour, that's why we see so many boring beige and cream interiors. Have a little faith, be daring and have fun with colour!

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