Friday, 25 March 2011

Design Indaba Feedback Part 2: Silver Spoon clothing

When it comes to clothing, the fiance insists that everything I buy looks like something that I already have hanging in the cupboard. "Nonsense" I always say.

When I arrived home after the Indaba expo with the cutest white Silver Spoon dress, he said "Now that's different!".

Silver Spoon Clothing hails from my hometown of Port Elizabeth, and the creative duo of Stephanie and Dieter (aka the "Dude" by those who know him) are already making waves in the local fashion industry.

When I stumbled upon their stall at the Expo (wish I took a pic!) I had no intentions of buying anything. My arms were heavy already with Wonki Ware bowls, magazines and other paraphernalia. Flipping through the rails I could not resist however.

I bought this (below) dress, and every time I wear it I feel sexy and girly all at the same time (must be the cute frills on the shoulder) - but the best part is how comfy it is! As they state on their website: "We make functional pieces with character".

My kind of clothing ;)
For more on this dynamic due, and for stockists have a look at Silver Spoon Clothing.

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