Thursday, 3 March 2011

Design Indaba feedback Part 1: Skermunkil

I've been following Skermunkil's lovely blog for a while now, so when I saw them at Design Indaba, I was in heaven! Seeing all the lovely pieces up close and personal really made me realise just how great her pieces are. Also, I think the great thing about the Indaba is it gives exhibitors the chance not only to display their goods, but to tell us a story. Inspire us. Captivate.
You know, when you go to these exhibits, there are always some stands that you just walk past. There is nothing that grabs your attention, nothing note worthy. But then there are gems (like Skermunkil) that make you stop, listen, look, touch, feel, admire and inspire. And it does not have to be a dramatic exhibit, no flashing lights or spinning displays. You just have to feel the love that goes into each piece, into the way they display it, the way they talk to the people that come to browse and shop.
For more (and details on where to buy), visit their blog "Eendag op 'n reëndag" (Once upon a time on rainy day).
Image 1 and 2: Eendag op 'n reëndag
Image 3: Lucky Pony
Image 4: Design Indaba

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