Sunday, 7 November 2010

Eight at Spier

I've lived in Cape Town now just short of 4 years. And - shockingly yes - I have never been to Spier Estate outside Stellenbosch. I've heard great things about Moyo, with the face painting and African drums and pots full of food. I've been told about the rolling hills and impeccable lawns and deli food and picnics and pond and ducks.

But, still I had not been. I've always had this feeling that Spier was a very commercial estate. tour buses and African crafts. No thanks.

Until a few weeks ago that is.

I am part of a monthly wine club, a very informal affair. We visit a different wine farm every month, and some time ago it was Mr M's chance to organise. And so we ended up at Spier.

Very briefly: the Barrel Thief wine tasting is worth it. Our host, Jacqui, taught as many new things about the tasting and preserving of wine, and was a hoot to boot.

Then on to the new restaurant of the estate: Eight. A purely organic, recycled restaurant with the concept of "from the farm to the table". But there is nothing 'platvloers' about this place!

We started with *heart* shaped boards filled with freshly baked bread, salted butter, olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. Then, even before really taking in the menu, espresso cups filled with butternut, honey and ginger soup for everyone. And it was a chilly morning, so it was perfect!

The glasses at Eight are made from recycled glass (that's my ice tea there - so delicious!). So are the light fittings, made from plastic bottles by the incredible Heath Nash.

Ladies and Gentleman, above you see the piece de resistance: Hot chocolate. A steaming cup of full cream milk, with a whole heap of Lindt chocolate shavings for you to stir in and make the perfect cup of heaven.

Sorry - the food was so good I forgot to take a pic. I had roasted pork belly on braised veggies and roast potatoes. Yum. There is no menu - only a travelling black board. See, depending on what they can source from the farm, it all dictates the menu. Everyone at the table raved about their options (from fish cakes to pork belly to chicken pie and more) and everything was reasonably priced. The average lunch was about R65 each.

I *loved loved loved* the interiors. Open, welcoming, innovative and damn beautiful. The interiors are a great blend of rustic and sleek, recycled and new.
Well worth a visit. Even 2.


Wineaux said...

Thanks for your post about Eight! I would have thought you'd warm up with wines on a chilly morning, but then again, who can resist making their own (Lindt!) hot chocolate!
I've shared your post via our Facebook page (
Please visit again!

Hello Africa said...

Got stuck at the "Heard great things about moyo" - Maybe next time? :) .. It's an experience!

Hello Africa

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said... place looks wonderful...and that steaming cup of cream with the chocolate shavings, well, I am craving that about now.


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