Monday, 12 July 2010

Yes, Waka Waka people

It actually means " Do It".

But translations aside, last night's performance by Shakira and Freshly Ground at the closing ceremony of the World Cup was energetic and fun. The song has received major air play here in South Africa and has become the biggest selling single in the history of the event.

(I'll admit - I always sing along and every now try the dance moves)

Anyway, what I actually want to show you is Shakira's outfit, designed by Roberto Cavalli (who also designed her opening concert getup). Don't you love it? I think Roberto has captured a little essence of Africa in both outfits - with the latest one being extremely colourful and vibrant.

And just in case you missed it.... here's the video from last night.

Have fun! And let's keep the flag waving!

x a

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