Thursday, 18 March 2010

Take flight

At the recent Design Indaba (I really should blog about it) Li Edelkoort made some style forecasts. And let's face it, she's never been wrong in like 2 decades, so who am I not to listen?

One of her predictions was the "taking flight" concept. Anything linked to birds and flying would become fashionable and coveted. Think nests, feathers, birds..and I want to add to that: Butterflies. What's not to love? Sure, sometimes it's a little kitsch, but when done correctly, it can be the most beautiful thing you've seen!

This wall of butterflies is the work of Paul Villinski, I'll try and share more if his work soon.
Image via Apartment Therapy

I blogged about this book shelf a while ago, and I still love it!

Now I wouldn't want to hide such a pretty trivet by actually placing a pot on it!
I'll be away for the long weekend, and I really hope I spot a pretty butterfly on my travels. I spotted one the other day at the nursery, it was hovering in fornt of me for quite a while, made my day!
Happy long weekend everyone!
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