Friday, 5 March 2010

5 Things I want to do this weekend

(The reason for this weekly list is simple. At the office I am fairly organised. There are files and systems and I generally know where to find something. At home, this is a different story. So, I've embarked on a mission to sort out my life (well, mostly my flat). And by making list (not only in your head) it's so much easier to tackle these things head on! So here goes...)

1. Finish the rug I started making. Painting is done, just some stitching to do (The image above was the inspiration for my rug - you will have to wait and see!)
2. Start laying out the pattern of the bits of fabric for the quilt (yip, still adamant on making one)
3. Restock the cleaning cupboard (I was so sure I bought Handy Andy the other day?)
4. Throw out all the pieces of paper that I have not looked at, have not used, or don't know what they are. Seriously, I have piles of the stuff all over the place
5. Find that bottle of Paul Smith Evian water. Dammit.

What are you up to this weekend?

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