Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Sonja Wrethman has become one of my favourite photographers to watch. I'm coincidentally great friends with her sister (who is extremely bad with communication and thus I have not heard from dear Little Liedle in a long time, but I believe she still lives in Knysna).

I know I will be sharing many of her great photographs with you, but to start of with here are 3 of my favourites from her book "Bullethole Sunrise".

"Dancing shoes"

"The washing"

"Market square"

In her book Sonja explores the idea that people perceive things differently, also images. And even ourselves, we perceive a memory diffrently today then what we did a year ago. Memories become blurred, an overlapping of images and thoughts in our mind. Every page is beautiful.

All images courtesy Sonja Wrethman Photography http://www.sonjawrethman.co.za/


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