Saturday, 23 May 2009

First Blog

There's always a first for everything! Never thought I'd join the blogging world...

I feel obliged to tell you more about myself, but that will come in time.

You remember primary school, the first day. You've got all your stationary, and the most coveted is the 24 pack of Colleen colour pencils! All of them sharp, perfectly long length and in order! I loved it.

To this day I love sharp pencils. I have a 'bouquet' on top of my bookcase. Actually just a bunch of colour pencils, never been used, sitting in a little ceramic pot. It inspires me, I think of the possibilities! New ideas, sketches, drawings, shopping lists....

So to start my blogging days, just a little line drawing of some iconic buildings in my favourite area in my favourite home town... (not Cape Town for those who don't know!)

Die Afrikaans sal ook kom, belowe ;)

x amanda


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