Monday, 13 August 2012

Deer Park Cafe - if you can ignore the decor

Some time ago a friend and I were on a mission to find a good cup of coffee. It was a Sunday afternoon, and the restaurant where we had lunch had a power outage - so no coffee or anything other than the bill being served.

So we headed Vredehoek way, and as neither of us had been to Deer Park Cafe - we aimed for it. Upon entering, the rich coffee smell in the air was enough to make us sit. Not before we had a look at their cake displays though....

You really do need to disregard the decor of this well positioned establishment. It feels more like a 70's cafeteria, but the coffee was good and the cakes scrumptious. Their menu looked good enough for us both to promise to try it again for dinner. 

Maybe it looks better in candle light?

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