Thursday, 12 April 2012

New Life

Way back in 2010 I did a post on the concept of 'Take flight' and butterflies in particular.  I mentioned a artist by the name of Paul Vilinski.  

For the most part I find Paul's work to be whimsical, happy and totally gorgeous.  

Then there is this piece. 

'Tears', 2004. Aluminium (found cans),
wire, silver chain, found crack cocaine
vials, dimensions variable.
Private Collection, New York

Butterflies rising up with vials of crack cocaine. It's such a moving piece, it's the first time an artwork has moved me to tears simply by looking at it.

Crack is such a horrible addiction, and more often than not destroying beautiful people.  But butterflies signify new life - emerging from their cocoons more beautiful and lovely than before.  

If you are going through a dark and challenging time - take note. This too shall pass. Life goes on, and the possibility and potential is there for each and every person to emerge a beautiful butterfly. 

Image from Paul Vilinski.

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