Friday, 31 December 2010

Goodbye 2010, a big 'Hello' to 2011!

Hello everyone!

I've been quite a lousy blogger the last couple of weeks. My posts have been infrequent and I've barely checked in on the other sites I so love to visit.

It's been an insanely busy downward spiral towards the end if this year for me, with trips to George for a wedding and a recent small holiday to Pretoria and Johannesburg. Work has not been without it's ups and downs, and in the interior design business things are always chaotic at the end of the year. (Why oh why does everyone want everything done by Christmas but only realise this at the end of October?)

But now I'm at home and loving the lazy days of summer. It's also been great showing the parents around town this past week. I've come to realise that there are teeny little towns all over the Western Cape (and probably also across the country) that have wonderfully creative spirits selling the most beautiful and unique products. Oh yes, and I really want to live in pretty small town like Riebeek Kasteel.

As is the custom with The Holidays, over indulging has been a big problem for me in the last 2 weeks. Firstly, I always receive either chocolates or cookies or nougat as pressies, then there is not only the Christmas lunch, but also all the left overs! Days of eating gammon and turkey and potato salad really does take it's toll on the waistline. Not to mention the trifle - and my trifle really was a winner this year! I'll share the recipe in a follow up post, you will not be disappointed! I believe that Christmas is not truly Christmas without a good trifle, and (sadly)therefore only make it for Christmas, once a year.

As the final hours of 2010 are ticking away, let's bid farewell to a year that has had it's Good, Bad and Ugly bits. A New Year always has the promise of great things ahead, and I for one am planning lots of changes, new adventures and fun times. Above all, let's make it a creative and inspiring year!

Enjoy the celebrations, don't drink and drive and travel safely!

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